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The Actual Story by Stephen Donaldson. Retrospective review

The Actual Story by Stephen Donaldson. Retrospective evaluation Run-throughs The Real Tale is a short however extreme story established in a future in which humans travel between the stars using "void drives," manageable brain implants are culpable by fatality, and a private business called the United Mining Company runs police for every one of well-known area. Ensign Morn Hyland lives aboard an authorities ship with most of her family, ferreting out pirates as well as various other illegals that prey on the weak or smuggle products right into forbidden area. Via an odd turn of occasions, one especially nasty wrongdoer winds up with Morn as his companion-- or at the very least that's the way it shows up to the folks at the spaceport station's bar. Why would a young, solid, lovely law enforcement officer connect with a crusty, murdering pirate? People watch with passion as Morn appears to drop in desire with an additional racy illegal, Captain Nick Succorso.