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Cookbook Publishing – The Basic Ingredients and the Secrets to Success

Cookbook Publishing - The Basic Ingredients and the Secrets to Success You are about to embark on the most exciting enterprise of your life -- publishing a cook book! You will soon learn that writing a cook book is truly a fun, exciting and challenging project – more than you can imagine. Like me, you can publish your own wildly successful cook book. And if you ask me if I think publishing a cook book is worth the time and effort? You bet I do! My cook book, Fit to Cook – Why ‘Waist’ Time in the Kitchen? sold over 250,000 copies (with, I might add, less than 10% of those sales coming from book stores). However, I wasted a great deal of time, back-tracking and scrambling in order to sell all those books because in the beginning I did not have a complete grasp of the publishing industry and the process of marketing a cook book. Before you rack your brain figuring out how to write a cook book, and more importantly, how to publish a cook book, take some time to thoroughly research the why and what you are writing about, who you are writing for and when is the best time to launch your book.

Market Your Cookbook

Market Your Cookbook Divine recipes, luscious photographs-- this is your first cookbook and you look ahead to those large royalty checks. So just what's your advertising plan for this book? Just what are you doing to increase sales? New authors frequently think the publisher schedules all promotion. Not true. As the writer, you have most at risk so it will certainly profit you most to take an aggressive stance when it comes to promoting and offering your cookbook. Much of the research study can occur while you are preparing and composing your publication.