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Beyond The Frame: Comic Lover’s Magazines

Beyond The Frame: Comic Lover's Magazines An average comic book collector can purchase more than thirty standard titles and addition special issues a month. Their houses are full of white long boxes carefully labeled holding comics in individual plastic bags. They have busts of favorite characters and movie poster from comic inspired cinema on their walls. What else could they possible need besides more? Magazines. Comic collectors have found a host of magazine choices made to encourage their passions to even higher levels of collecting.

How Comic Books Can Be a Great Way to Add to Your Income

How Comic Books Can Be a Great Way to Add to Your Income Through much of the last century, comic books were very popular and individuals of all ages collected them. Eventually, comics were attributed a monetary value and the value of each edition began to be reviewed for possible reselling. For individuals who had collected many comic books, but did not have the full collection, this posed an excellent opportunity for them to complete their collections. For individuals who had certain editions and wished to sell them, this meant a great opportunity to increase their income by selling the comic books they had.

Today, selling and buying comic books happens thousands of times every day and is a very lucrative enterprise.

Michelle Obama–Buy a Michelle Obama Comic Today

Michelle Obama--Buy a Michelle Obama Comic Today Having the President of the United States of America as your husband will draw so much attention on you. Michelle Obama is more than the First Lady of a powerful nation. She is an independent strong woman that can help shape modern history on her own. Her exemplary view on motherhood and strong opinion on national issues made the nation respect her for who she is. Because of this, she was chosen to be the next woman to be featured in Bluwater Productions' Female Force series.

Michele Obama Female Force — A Comic Biography of Michele Obama

Michele Obama Female Force -- A Comic Biography of Michele Obama Bluewater Productions has recently launched biography comics that hit the stands like a storm. The publishing company started two series, Female Force and Political Power. The Female Force series showcase the lives of powerful female leaders. The soon to be released Michelle Obama Female Force comic book is expected to outsell the Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton bio-comics.

Michelle Obama gained a lot of media attention during his husband's presidential campaign.

Movie Review: Watchmen – Not Your Average Comic Book Picture

Movie Review: Watchmen - Not Your Average Comic Book Picture Movies about comic book style heroes have been around as long as they've been making movies. Superman, Spiderman, and Batman are some classics that have entertained millions of people around the world. These movies all have one thing in common. The good guys are clearly good, and the bad guys are clearly bad. But what happens when you blur the line between good and bad in a superhero? The result is a movie called "Watchmen.

Naruto — Not Just Another Comic Story

Naruto -- Not Just Another Comic Story Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime series around. It features a young boy, Naruto, whose body actually contains the spirit of a fearsome nine-tailed fox that had been terrorizing his village some twelve years earlier. At that time, this nasty fox was captured and its spirit was sealed in the body of a baby boy (our Naruto).

Jump ahead twelve years and you've got the star of the story, now a mischievous and hyperactive young ninja with great aspirations. Both Naruto anime (animated television shows) and manga (the comic book series) go through episodes of high-flung adventures battling monsters, other ninjas and, last but not least, doing ninja exams.

“DJ Dirty Brown” – Comic Series Of A Magical Girl With Magical Stone

"DJ Dirty Brown" - Comic Series Of A Magical Girl With Magical Stone Ever wondered about having a stone that can make your life full of musical adventure. "DJ Dirty Brown" is a amusing comic book about a young lady. The story of art, invention & desire which is all about the loveliness and the ability of a lady with a sound that creates her powers to be the far-famed DJ of her city.
A stone that reserves the beauty of a woman, made her the victor of the town. A stone that is imbued by a shaman with sounds and African rhythms as part of a plan to preserve African musical heritage.