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Do Video Games Harm Children?

Do Video Games Harm Children? I've always suspected that violent video games were unhealthy to the mental health and well-being of children playing them.

New research in the field of video games investigated how violent games affect the emotional behavior of children and how it impacts their response to life events. Playing video games that are violent, for as little as 20 minutes, promotes desensitization to real world violence, on a physiologic level.

"We found that the subjects who played violent video games for 20 minutes had lower physiologic responses when they watched videos of real-life violence," said Nicholas Carnagey, who conducted the research while a psychology instructor at Iowa State University in Ames.

The study determined that over exposure to violence tended to cause the children to become numb and insensitive to acts of violence.

Shop Online Chairs And Beds For Your Children

Shop Online Chairs And Beds For Your Children Decorating a child's room is very interesting and also needs a lot of planning. There are many furniture for children of different ages and in different sizes. As children grow up they need space and feel confident with a room of their own. The environment in which they grow up defines their personality. Chairs for children mean a lot to them as they do a lot of activities sitting on these chairs.

How To Choose The Environmentally Friendly Children Furniture

How To Choose The Environmentally Friendly Children Furniture When your kids are three years old, parents should consider arranging a separated room for children. As usual, more parents would be likely to decorate the children room with lovely style even with the fairy tale atmosphere. At the same time, when buying furniture for the children room, it is necessary to buy the comfortable pine children beds, lovely children desk, lovely children's book tables and chairs and other furniture. As parents, if you are planning to buy the furniture for your kids, the first factor you have to consider is the environmentally friendly feature because the baby's healthy growth is the first thing which should be guaranteed by parents.

Firstly, we should know why we should pay more attention on the environmentally friendly factor of children furniture.

Children Can Learn Morals And Values From Books

Children Can Learn Morals And Values From Books There is yet no better medium than books to teach good morals and inculcate the right values in children. Little children love fairy tales and in their dreams they meet the characters they adore. They develop a strong bond with them and see them as role models. Their imagination is stirred when parents read fables and fairy tales at bedtime and they learn to emulate the ideal character portrayed by their favorite heroes' in day-to-day life.

Home and school libraries stock storybooks for children that have stories of adventurers, pirates, explorers and various other interesting topics and subjects.

Importance of Islamic Books for Children

Importance of Islamic Books for Children As said by Prophet Muhammad " Seeking of knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim." Knowledge for the Muslim is a cornerstone of Islam. Islam is a holistic region which just covers all aspects of the life such as spiritual, emotional and physical needs which are dealt with the equality.

This is not just restricted to the adults but the rights and needs of the children are of much importance. So, acquiring knowledge is compulsory to every Muslim.

Teaching Children How To Parent Is Learned By Example

Teaching Children How To Parent Is Learned By Example All of us have to grow up, which means we all must experience the dreadful and stressful teenage years. Your kids are growing into adulthood and all the physical changes certainly do not often help matters. Handling these difficult years can be hard, but it is all part of the natural process of growing up. On the other hand, the teen years will hopefully be full of beautiful memories for everyone. In fact, most adults will look back at their memories as teenagers and realize what a fantastic time they actually had.

Guidelines to buy book shelves for children

Guidelines to buy book shelves for children When it comes to book shelves for children, these are used for so much more than just books. These great racks can hold books, magazines, toys, school papers, notebooks, art work, and school projects along with much more. Encouraging your child to read is very beneficial - it improves their vocabulary and learning capabilities. Wall mounted book shelves are perfect for displaying not only book collections, but pictures, soccer trophies, art work, favorite stuffed animals, rocks, shells, and a myriad of other collectibles.

When buying book shelves for children, you have to keep 3 things in mind.