The Science of Getting Rich, Is it Really Hard?

The Science of Getting Rich, Is it Really Hard?

Getting rich, taken in the right sense, is a measure of success. For a long time now, authors have been writing works that offer help in the pursuit of success and richness. The market is flooded by such books yet one book which has always been seen as a classic in this genre continues to amaze people. Its title- Think and grow rich- has become not just a title of a book but a maxim that almost everyone recognizes and utters in different instances. Think and Grow Rich, was written by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s. It was a welcome contribution to an emerging trend forwarding an idea which had then been called the science of getting rich. This stems from the claim that getting rich can be systematically approached.

Napoleon Hill was one of the pioneers the writing of personal success literature. His works examined the power of personal beliefs and their importance in achieving personal success. He always declared that what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. His books highlight how people have achieved what they may have conceived and this provide a formula for success open to anyone. Hill came to call his success teaching as the philosophy of achievement. This philosophy should always take on a positive face. Negative emotions such as fear and selfishness are the source of failure of unsuccessful people.

After systematically studying successful personalities, Hill first wrote an earlier book he called the Law of Success. The characteristics of the people he studied provided Hill with inputs for his second book which he envisioned can serve as a motivational book focused on personal development and self-help. The new book simplified the laws of success Napoleon Hill style into 13 principles or prescriptions of success which can be applied by anyone.

Success and getting rich were defined as simply personal achievement. Hills outlines these principles as embodied in attributes such as self confidence, habit of saving, initiative and leadership, imagination, enthusiasm, self control, getting more than paid for, pleasing personality, accurate thinking, accurate thinking, concentration, cooperation, profiting by failure, and tolerance.

Since then, Think and Grow Rich has catered to many people who have testified on how much the book actually made them rich and successful. Because more and more people wanted to get a copy of the book, it went through several versions and printings in the last 70 years. The book has also been presented in cassette version. Continually adapting to the changing times newer versions of the book, editors introduced modern examples and commentaries on Hill’s principles.

Of course, the original context of the book is still desired by many although newer versions now have more comprehensive endnotes and appendices. An MP3 version which records the contents of the book is now also available. Today, almost everyone can avail of a Think and Grow rich download from the Interne which further expands the reach of this classic and therefore further expands the benefits it can deliver to people.

Hills works, both the Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich, are meant to be personal development books. They are designed not only to be read as a book but to be studied and applied. They are full-fledged courses on success. A Think and Grow Rich download has this advantage. The new media present Hill’s principles in a course-like manner. This means that one can take the course in his own time, following his on phase. One can control his own personal success course and consequently his own success story. The lessons may be printed out separately and marked up.

Think and Grow Rich has remained as a best seller. It gained success as a paperback book for 70 years and was chosen as one of the must-read books. Millions of copies have been sold in its book form. In today’s age of information, Think and Grow Rich has been made to adopt increasing demand. More people can now benefit from its philosophy of success via the electronic media. People convinced of the wisdom to be found in Hill’s work declare that now there can be no excuse to put off the reading of one of the world’s most effective self-help works. The book is now available simply by download.

Article by Thomas Bronson of SuccessAlchemy, a website with the best information on the law of success. Check it out today.

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