Can America Survive A Nationwide Terrorist Attack?

Can America Make It Through An Across The Country Terrorist Strike?

What would occur if followers of Saddam Hussein bombed 12 significant UNITED STATE cities one week before the presidential political election, propelling the nation as well as the political election into mayhem?

Sound acquainted? A comparable circumstance just recently occurred in Spain as well as might occur to other European as well as Eastern nations that aided America in the controversial war in Iraq and also who have Americans staying in or seeing them.

Many individuals, consisting of political experts, think that more massive terrorism will certainly pertain to American dirt and also the American individuals. The program risk by Al-Zawahiri, leader of Al-Queda, that bomb after bomb will certainly quickly drop on America has the majority of U.S. residents agitated with concern. Certainly, terrorism has turned into one of the world’s biggest fears as well as problems.

“New splinter terrorist teams are arranging everyday that wish to kill Americans worldwide, making our security suspicious for generations to come,” claimed Bruce Schwartz, author of “The Twenty-First Century” (Park Avenue Press, ISBN # 0-9729076-0-2).

His new novel informs the tale of America in the very early years of the 21st century however was composed in the 1990s, before the occasions of Sept. 11, 2001. Schwartz’s book alerts America regarding the possibility for a nationwide terrorist strike.

His tale information the devastation of 12 U.S. cities by Iraqi terrorists simply days prior to a presidential political election and causes America’s 2nd civil battle. But Schwartz’s version of civil war is not in between regions; it is between classes as well as races.

“In the 1990s, thousands of black churches were melted to the ground. Prejudice is rampant, also today, in America,” Schwartz claimed.

Guide’s launch during this governmental election year will provoke numerous debatable discussions on where our country is headed when it concerns international policy, race connections, terrorism and also national politics. Schwartz portrays the future as if it were the headings these days’s news.

Planned Tv Arts, Schwartz’s press agents, believe that now is the ideal time to launch this novel due to the fact that his tale could potentially end up being truth right prior to our eyes.

This chillingly prophetic novel has gotten go crazy testimonials because it suggests what America has to do to enhance our culture.

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