Include sales punch to define your goods or sales deal – use
among the adhering to words. It may be valuable, previously owned alone, or
with other words. They have been selected from successful ads
for your comfort in preparing copy.

Definitely. Incredible. Accepted. Appealing. Genuine.
Bargain. Attractive. Much better. Big. Colorful. Colossal.
Complete. Confidential. Packed. Delivered. Direct.
Discount. Easily. Recommended. Huge. Superb. Interesting.
Special. Specialist. Famous. Interesting. Lot of money. Full.
Genuine. Gift. Massive. Biggest. Ensured. Handy.
Highest. Substantial. Right away. Improved. Informative.
Instructive. Interesting. Biggest. Most recent. Extravagantly.
Liberal. Life time. Limited. Lowest. Magic. Monstrous.
Miracle. Noted. Odd. Superior. Personalized. Popular.
Effective. Practical. Specialist. Rewarding. Profusely.
Proven. Top quality. Promptly. Uncommon. Decreased. Refundable.
Remarkable. Reliable. Disclosing. Revolutionary. Scarce.
Tricks. Safety. Chosen. Sensational. Simplified.
Substantial. Special. Surprising. Weird. Solid. Sturdy.
Effective. Superior. Shock. Terrific. Tested.
Incredible. Unconditional. One-of-a-kind. Unrestricted. Unparalleled.
Unmatched. Unusual. Useful. Belongings. Riches. Strange.


Shut your ad with an action-getting expression. Give the viewers
something to write or do. Right here are 70 pointers for methods to
get action. Research them. They will aid you prepare your copy
for better outcomes.

Act now!. Send your name. All sent out cost-free to present. Fantastic
literature. Free. Request for free folder. Bargain listings sent
totally free. Be initially to certify. Booklet totally free!. Magazine consisted of
complimentary. Full information free. Existing listing complimentary. Suppliers write
for rates. Summary sent free. Information complimentary!. Dime brings
details. Whatever provided!. Exciting information cost-free. Additional
for punctuality. First lesson, 25 cents. Folder totally free!.
For literature, compose:. Free brochure discusses. Free intends inform
just how. Complimentary selling package. Free wholesale strategy. Free with
approvals. Full particulars cost-free. Get facts that aid.
Start today!. Get your duplicate currently!. Obtain yours wholesale.
Gifts with purchases. Illustrated provides cost-free. Fascinating details
complimentary. Explore today. It’s Free!. Act Now!. Literature
cost-free. Mail product to:. Cash making truths totally free. No
responsibility! Create!. Deal restricted!. Send today. Just 10 cents
to introduce. Order straight from:. Order Now!. Do not Postpone!.
Details complimentary. Postcard brings details. Demand complimentary.
literature. Exposing pamphlet totally free. Rush name for details.
Sales set equipped. Sample information cost-free. Samples sent on trial.
See prior to you purchase. Send out for complimentary information. Send for it today.
Send out no cash. Send out message card today. Send out 15 cents for mailing.
Send today. Send your want lists. Stamp brings information.
Stamped envelope brings. Examination lesson free. Special example deal.
Prized possession details totally free. Write completely free pamphlet cost-free. Create us
initially!. Yours for the asking. 15 cent stamp for details.
brings total. 32-page catalog free

in the Order of Their “Danger” to You

celebration. recommend. occurred. principal. geared up.
accommodate. dissatisfy. possession. advantage. continue.
trouble. approve. service. needed. individual.
obtain. referral. separate. their. whether. survey.
objection. summary. effect. extension. judgment.
quantity. comparable. definitely. height. promptly.
stationery. international. 4th. government. omitted. weather condition.
personnel. presence. evaluation. throughout. appearance. loose.
handout. useful. liked. unneeded. influence.
attendance. incidentally. noticeable. calendar. professor.
purely. concept. currently. coming. its. require.
possibility. original. paid. probably. referring. referred.
there. as well. composing. among. setup. virtually.
hassle-free. canceled. actually. using. starting. especially.
quantity. committee. positive. distinction. venture.
description. except. truly. experience. benefited.
diligent. eligible. acquaintance. controversy. go beyond.
laboratory. noninclusion. procedure. acknowledgment. Wednesday.
assurance. February. schedule.

The Key is to incorporate your words: INSTANCE: “THE MAGIC MAMMOUTH
MIRACLE”; “The 3 “M” Program”. This has already caught the
attention as well as rate of interest of your prospect! Currently, for instance,
state: The cash Making Realities are FREE! Simply Confine your SASE
or $ $ or Whatever! Complete with a couple of details and you have actually a.
remarkable $ $ Pulling Ad. Use your very own Ideas, yet construct them.
around these words and also expressions! but remember, your follow-up.
product, must be simply as fascinating to get the orders.

NOW: A little test … did you catch the mispelling of Mammoth.
( Mammouth) … well it’s appropriate in any case – the “ou” is used by.
the British!

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