Voip Lowers Business Costs

Voip Lowers Business Costs

Many companies are saving hundreds a month with VoIP PC telephone connections. The net is full of testimonials, but few offer solid evidence of the effectiveness of VoIP, Coppel has offered solid proof.

Coppel reaped significant savings in office-to-office telecommunications costs while improving business performance by removing the cost disincentives for its employees to pick up the phone and call each other.

With Binnacle company’s support, Coppel implemented a staged roll-out of Quintum’s switches and gateways. In one year they had VoIP service running and saved ,000,000.

“It has been a great experience for us to be involved in a project of this magnitude with such an important customer in the Mexican market,” says Abdul Mustaffa, founder and President of Binnacle. “Binnacle’s engineering team and Quintum’s technical service department worked side by side to satisfy Coppel’s requirements for this project.”

“Our investment Quintum’s VoIP technology and Binnacle’s services has been a wise one,” says Sergio Trias, chief of IT and Communications support department of Coppel. “By leveraging our IP network to carry inter-office voice traffic, we have improved our ability to serve our customers, reduce our overhead, and laid the groundwork for a new generation of applications that will provide us with further competitive advantages in a rapidly evolving retail market.”

“Coppel is an excellent demonstration of how the retail industry is embracing Quintum’s VoIP technology for its ease of installation with stores’ existing networks, as well as its ability to integrate easily with newer IP PBX infrastructures,” said Charles Rutledge, Vice President of Marketing for Quintum. “Tenors provide cost effective communication between stores while providing a clean migration path to an IP telephony network.”

Large business is not the only type of company that works better with VoIP services. Enspiren Press, a book publisher in the USA/Canada, has used VoIP to reduce the time needed to take a book from acceptance to production from one year to six months. Releasing their product in three months less not only equals more money, but increasing communication has made it easier to retain both authors and lients.

Enspiren Press is a large network of print promotion and networking meshed with a large IT department that promotes their books primarily in Canada, UK, USA, and China. VoIP has quickly become a vital part of their IT department, joining programmers from around the country.

Enspiren Press has accredited VoIP and P2P for disbanding their office, implementing work at home professionals, and dropping their bottom line, saving approximately – 10 000 USD a month, without sacrificing consumer relations or effectiveness.

Most companies have 10 – 20 requirements for the VoIP system, including flexibility, security, reliability, ease of use and quality of service. It takes several months, running vendors through exhaustive tests, including security protocols, before a company can choose the best company for their needs.

One of the most important aspects of a VoIP system is the hardware according to CEO at Enspiren Press. Their first VoIP had excellent customer service, and IT assistance, but the low quality – difficult to service- hardware brought the entire system to a stand still on several occasions.

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