Ebooks are Alive and Well and Living……

Ebooks are Alive and Well and Living……

Have you been told that ebooks are dead? Have you bought into the lie that informational products no longer sell? DON’T!

It’s 2006. The start of a new year – with new goals, new aspirations and new hopes. Ebooks are not dead. In fact they are alive and well and living…… where? Well, that depends on you!

Information has always sold. It sells off line at large bookstores in the form of non-fiction how to books, financial success books, diet books, self improvement books, dog training books, and books for Dummies. Information sells online just as quickly and easily and with less hassle.

The customer receives his product immediately. A few clicks and his book is sitting on his desktop. No traveling through bad weather to the bookstore. No traveling to the second bookstore because the book is so popular the first store ran out. No back orders. No gas prices (ok – couldn’t resist that one!)

The author/publisher also has incredible benefits. No running out of product. No delivery cost. No duplication cost. Little to no overhead cost. An open world market available at your desktop.

Produce your product once and sell it as long as the information remains current.

Sell at auction. Sell it on a sales page. Sell it using affiliates. Sell it using viral techniques. Sell it while you sleep. Sell it overseas. Sell it with joint ventures. Give it away. Use ebook directories. Reformat it for hand held devices.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

For instance…. a new wave of video e-mail is on the horizon. This is technology that will be available to all Internet users in just a few short years. Do you want to be on the forefront of this technological advancement? Write an informational product. Point people to different vendors. Use affiliate links in the book to increase your income.

So the ebook is alive and well and living on YOUR desktop, ready to be published online and ready for you to collect an income.

Information products have been around since books were first published and they are here to stay. Take advantage of the growth in our population and answer the questions that people have – then charge them for it. As long as you answer their questions, they will buy.

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