Digimaker .NET Content Management System (CMS)

Digimaker .NET Content Management System (CMS)

Digimaker is a leading .NET based Content Management Platform in the Nordic region. Digimaker Content Management NetServer is a 100% .NET-based, C#-written, web-based Content Management platform meant for editors, authors, developers and .NET solution houses for building user-friendly websites, creating rules-driven editorial processes for aligning online publishing efforts with business objectives and building customized solutions.

Offered throughout Scandinavia by a selection of Microsoft Certified Partners we are proud to announce a growth rate of approximately 50 licenses per month. Currently, for the first phase of our launch sequence for the USA, UK and Middle East market, we are looking to engage with a selection of highly qualified Microsoft Certified Partners, for representing us in the market more aggressively.

Some of our leading clients include the following: Ftadviser UK, Daimler Chrysler Worldwide, Jeep, Dodge, Cheroke, Fuji Films, Ventelo, Bravida, Norske Skog, Monter, History Today, etc
Digimaker Software Developer’s Kit

Register and download your copy from Digimaker
The Developer Kit includes:
• Developer copy of Digimaker – The .NET Content Management Platform
• SiteBuilder – Digimaker SDK with full Visual Studio 2003 integration
• E-book – “Developing web applications with Digimaker SiteBuilder”
• One free license – deploy your first project without further costs
Digimaker at a glance:
• The .NET Content Management Platform for the future – used by enterprises like Mercedes Benz, National Oil well and The Financial Times.
• Built on award winning technology since 1997
• Downloadable and self installing
• Fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio for easy development of solutions.
• Growth rate of 50 licenses per month and rising.

Download your free copy now!

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