Using Why They Book To Get Bookings

Using Why They Book To Get Bookings

In the business of direct sales when you’re out of bookings, you’re out of business. How much money you make, what company incentives you earn, the recruits you have, all depend upon having bookings. Even your future bookings depend upon your current bookings. Everything in direct sales depends upon bookings.

There are as many reasons to book a presentation as there are hostesses. Some book to get free and reduced products. Some book to invite people in and show off their home. Some book to find out more about the company because they are thinking about recruiting. When women were surveyed as to why they book a home-party presentation the top two reasons were to learn more about the products and to have fun.

Most consultants attempt to get bookings by presenting, in detail, their hostess program. When you realize most people book a presentation to learn and have fun it becomes a paradigm shift in how you do your presentation and how you look at getting bookings. With this vital information your emphasis will shift from what they get to what they learn, from hostess plan to having fun. This doesn’t mean you don’t mention your hostess plan. It does mean that you don’t have to go into detail about your hostess plan.

To activate the paradigm shift, review your products and consider how else, besides the obvious, can they be used? What are unique uses of your products? What tips can you give your audience? How can guests use your products in combination with items they already have and how can you assist them in doing this? The more ideas you provide them for multiple uses of products the more sales you’ll make and the more bookings you’ll receive.

Having fun at your presentation can be as easy as not being concerned about being perfect. Relax and enjoy your hostess, guests, products, and yourself. Telling stories about mistakes you’ve made while learning your products will get them laughing. Tell bloopers and stories you’ve heard from other consultants. Having fun at your presentation doesn’t mean being a stand-up comic, but it does mean adding humor.

People learn best when they are laughing. By leaving them laughing, learning, and wanting more, your date book will be filled to the level you’ve been yearning for.

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