Enjoying Marvel Comics Wallpaper

Enjoying Marvel Comics Wallpaper

I have always liked Marvel comics graphic novels. When I was a kid, I used to go down to the comic book store and buy a new edition of Spiderman every time it came out. Spiderman was, of course, my favorite, but I also liked the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, and Batman. Nowadays, I comes less but I still like to remember how much I enjoyed them during my childhood. That’s why have Marvel comics wallpaper up on my desktop.

I have been collecting Marvel comics wallpaper for about three years now. The first ones I actually made myself. Making your own computer desktop wallpaper is actually a pretty easy thing to do. All you have to do is download the images you like, modify them in Photoshop, and paste them together. For some of you this still probably sounds hard, but it really isn’t. Once you learn your way around photomanipulation, it is a snap.

My favorite strategy for making Marvel comics wallpaper was to take a bunch of images that I liked and collage them all together. I made plenty of compilations of all the action scenes of favorite hero. For example, I made a Joker wallpaper one time. I took a picture of him fleeing off into the night, put it next to a close up of his face, and pasted them all over a background where he had Batman caught in an insidious trap. Altogether, these different scenes seemed to capture the spirit of the Joker in totality.

Of course, now that I have started to download Marvel comics desktop wallpaper from the Internet, I realize how pale my attempts were in comparison. I probably should have left the desktop wallpaper to the pros, but I enjoyed making it at the time. Still, the professionally made Marvel comics wallpaper is really dramatic. Many of the wallpaper sheets are actually just taken straight from comic book covers and turned into digital art. This seems to be one of the best approaches, because the comic book covers are already so well made.

My very favorite Marvel comics wallpaper is still one that I got as a present from a friend, however. She was actually a girlfriend at the time ” although we aren’t dating anymore. It was a Valentine’s Day card that she made for me of a few old comic book covers and some clever photomanipulation. It showed her as Storm handing me a little glowing heart. It was absolutely adorable, and I had it up on my desktop for months.

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