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Learn to Speed Read — Read Faster, Read Better

Learn to Speed Read -- Read Faster, Read Better Let’s face it, the ability to read faster, and still comprehend what you’re reading, is an essential skill in today’s fast moving environment. We must read extensively if we want to be successful in our studies, or careers. There’s no doubt, learning to speed read is probably the most valuable and time saving skill you can acquire. Frankly, under today's information pressures you must read faster and read better if you are to get ahead at all. Of course, some people will say you can do fine without knowing how to speed read.

Dating Tips and Seduction

Dating Tips and Seduction Some guys will never become great with women. "What?!" You might think I've lost my mind, but it's true. A lot of guys just won't get it. And it's not because they're not smart enough or somehow defective..

New DVD Releases For November 2005

New DVD Releases For November 2005 As winter approaches, it is time to think about ways to entertain ourselves during the coldest months of the year. Some of you might be interested in outdoor sports like skiing or snowboarding, but I am more concerned with simply staying warm. I will be a spectator for the next few months, and luckily there are a number of awesome DVD movies coming out just in time. Let’s have a look at some upcoming releases for November: Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith This is one that we have all been waiting for. If you haven’t already seen it, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Create The Bigger-than-life Character For Your Novel

Create The Bigger-than-life Character For Your Novel Who is the Bigger-Than-Life Character in Your Bestseller-Kind-Of-Novel? The main characters in the bestseller-kind-of novel are bigger-than-life. No wimps here. You can’t just tell us what they do; you have to show us what they do. Prove that they’ve bigger-than-life. These are people who find ways to solve the problems around them.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible You send me an e-mail. You tell me you’ve written over three hundred poems since you were 16 (in your teenage angst stage). You mention the novel you’ve completed and it’s really good (it really is!!!), and the novel-in-progress. You mention how the International Library of Poetry has published one of your poems. (But, whom haven’t they published?) However, all your work is stored away, hidden from the public eye on a black little disk.

How To Write A Strong Start For Your Novel

How To Write A Strong Start For Your Novel I revised my Civil War novel Hearts of Stone many times before selling it to Dutton Children’s Books. My editor only had one major suggestion: Consider a new beginning. If you’re revising a novel, considering the first scene should be one of your last steps. It’s hard to know how best to begin until you’re sure how the story ends. And although everyone needs to revise in a manner that works for them, writers who perfect every sentence along the way can fall in love with sentences or scenes that ultimately don’t best serve the story.

Is The Da Vinci Code Cracked – Or Just the People Who Believe It

Is The Da Vinci Code Cracked - Or Just the People Who Believe It Research for this article was easy because of all the hype about Dan Brown’s new movie about the Da Vinci code. The question is simple. How can an educated public anywhere in the world take this novel or the movie it spawned seriously? I have found a few answers and some of them come from the bible itself which the Da Vinci code obviously does not take very seriously. There are those who would insist that if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck it still may not be a duck but even this crowd could hardly deny that it at least sounds quacky. The bible says that in the last days that people will not endure or allow sound teaching or admonition from the bible or just about any other source, 2 Timothy 4:3.

Proof Evident – Book Review

Proof Evident - Book Review Proof Evident is a newly released crime fiction novel by lawyer and controversial psychologist, John Dicke. The story line is based around a criminal case for Judge Avery Jackson who coldly murdered Sheriff Hardacre during his speech to 150 city officials. The problem is, Mr. Jackson has no memory of the event at all… Jack Maine leaves the public service and starts up a private practice with the assistance of his talented wife while taking on this difficult and seemingly doomed case. His dedicated and patient staff includes a master investigator and a phenomenal young novice lawyer – both of whom are fully aware they may not see a paycheck for some time.