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Nutrition and the Fats Myth

Nutrition and the Fats Myth Looking at your belly you probably might have felt that the real enemy is the fat. Nope, there are two kinds of fats, the unsaturated fats and the saturated . It’s the saturated fat that is the real enemy and that we don’t want. We do not want the unwanted fat but we keep eating it. Want a definition of insanity, Keep doing the same things and you keep getting the same results.

Sweet News-Strawberries Are Part Of A Heart-Healthy Plan

Sweet News-Strawberries Are Part Of A Heart-Healthy Plan The road to a healthy heart runs through the kitchen. Just ask Joe Piscatella, who had coronary bypass surgery at the early age of 32. Told that he wouldn't live to see his two young children graduate from high school, Joe decided to take a crash course in heart-healthy eating and learned a few things along the way. Thirty years later, Joe is now the President of the Institute for Fitness and Health and best-selling author of "The Road to a Healthy Heart Runs Through the Kitchen." Full of facts and sound advice, this book is an easy-to-follow lifestyle plan that combines the newest guidelines from the USDA with 300 easy and delicious recipes.

Making time for Exercise

Making Time for Exercise As a certified personal trainer and editor of a popular fitness site,, I’ve heard every excuse in the book when it comes to why people don’t exercise. However, the one that takes the, pardon-my-pun, “fitness cake” is lack of time. A day doesn’t go by without one of my clients professing that they simply don’t have time for exercise. Well, I’ve seen people who want to loose weight badly enough.

Vacations At Reunion Resort Orlando

Vacations At Reunion Resort Orlando When choosing your vacation at Reunion Resort, Orlando, you must first select how you would like to book- either as a complete package through Reunion itself, where they take care of everything from checking you in to arranging everything you may need or wish for e.g. tickets to attractions etc. Alternatively you can book with a property’s individual owner so that you know precisely what the home looks like, its exact location within the development etc. Either way you are assured of the utmost quality to make your stay memorable.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix Audio books make your workout bearable-- even enjoyable. Whether you are a frequent gym-goer, or someone who occasionally works out, listening to audio books during your workout will lend much to the experience. There are many ways for the fitness-minded to utilize audio books-- about as many as there are different exercise routines. Below is a list of suggestions to show you how you can incorporate audio books into your workout. 1.

How To Implement Golf Fitness Exercises Into Your Golf Swing Improvement Program

How To Implement Golf Fitness Exercises Into Your Golf Swing Improvement Program Over the last few weeks at BioForce Golf, we have had many questions about golf fitness exercises. Questions such as: are these type of exercises beneficial to someone who has had a lower back injury, what are the best types of exercises to improve my clubhead speed, and what flexibility exercises can improve my back swing? Through many of our free daily golf tips on our website, we have provided answers to these questions and many more. One area of golf fitness I get quite a few questions about revolves on how to implement golf exercises into a golf swing improvement program. Many of the individuals who come to our site are not experts in “working out.” I’ve written my golf-specific exercise manual, YOUR BODY & YOUR SWING, to help you develop a program for yourself.