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Finders tellers – did you find what you were looking for?

Finders tellers – did you find what you were looking for? When we say find, we do not mean about simply using a search engine and waiting for the generated results. With Finders Tellers, you are invited to post your listing and say to others (or better yet describe) the things you are looking for. In due time, you can check the responses posted and see if any of them are useful. They are the tellers and you can become one yourself. Tellers provide all the information you need to know about the product or service in question, including links and additional details for your own benefit.

Digital Rights Management: Software Piracy Is Killing The Industry

Digital Rights Management: Software Piracy Is Killing The Industry What would you say if you were told that you were losing thousands upon thousands of dollars on a piece of software that you have created and are trying to make a profit off of? Well, it is the truth. Software piracy is a problem that has brought the software industry to a near standstill, costing the industry billions of dollars each and every year in lost revenue, not to mention thousands upon thousands of software and IT jobs in the United States. Something must be done about the issue of software piracy but what? Copyright infringement is a faceless crime; the victim is often the hard working programmer but the assailant could be anybody; you could look them in the face and not know who they are. For this reason, it is important to protect your digital media as much as you possibly can because of all intellectual property is it at the most risk of infringement by others, and those who can take advantage of a weak security process or a hole in programming certainly will. The world is full of those who want to profit from something that they had no part in.

7 Ways to Become an Obvious Expert in Your Field

7 Ways to Become an Obvious Expert in Your Field Obvious Experts enjoy a compelling advantage over their competition; they’re the first ones thought of when there’s a challenge to be addressed. Obvious Experts are resources whose advice and expertise are welcomed, trusted, and enthusiastically recommended. When you become an Obvious Expert, prospects come to you pre-sold on your competence. This speeds sales and avoids pricing issues based on unfamiliarity and a resulting lack of trust. Here are seven ways to use technology to promote your professional services on a limited budget: Technology makes it practical to promote Obvious Expert status.

Is Click Fraud Really a Problem?

Is Click Fraud Really a Problem? Click fraud is currently a major topic in online advertising. Many argue that it presents a threat to the stability and viability of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the key revenue generator for both Google and Overture. In actuality, click fraud is not a significant issue at all. Click fraud occurs when ads are clicked for reasons other than a genuine interest in learning more about the product or service advertised. Click fraud occurs in two forms.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

Hard Drive Data Recovery Doesn't Need To Be Hard Hard drive data recovery can be a difficult topic for many new computer users. No one wants to believe that their data is lost, and most people have no idea how to get it back. Fortunately, there are data recovery services available that can help you with the overwhelming task of recovering your lost data. This article is intended to help you learn more about hard drive data recovery and how you can learn more. A hard drive is a "non-volatile" storage space designed to hold data.

The House Of Print.Com

The House Of Print.Com Publishing has always been a difficult business to promote successfully, which titles by which authors to promote, which genre, will it be fiction or non-fiction? Will they sell? Will they make money, both for the publisher and for the author? So many questions which there is no definitive answer and so the publisher takes a chance with his money and his time and resources and decides on which books to publish, promote and distribute to the bookshops. He may only distribute to bookshops in his own country and if they don't sell well enough, will not be seen by anyone else in the world. What a loss to humankind and their quest for more knowledge to enhance their work, their lives. The fount of civilisations knowledge were always universities, libraries, and bookshops, and if publishers don't find it profitable to publish certain titles at all, to distribute to university libraries, and bookshops, then civilisation is the poorer.

Audio Books: Why Recorded Books On Tape And Mp3 Books Win Over Books On Cd?

Audio Books: Why Recorded Books On Tape And Mp3 Books Win Over Books On Cd? You’ve seen audio books in many formats, haven't you? Recorded books, as they are also called, come on CDs and tapes. The latest technology has created MP3 books. As weird as it may sound, many people like recorded books on tape better than books on CD. Read along to learn why. Although CDs are great, but when it comes to listening to recorded books, books on tape are the long-term consumer’s favorite.

The Most Powerful Source Of Information – Spirituality Information

The Most Powerful Source Of Information - Spirituality Information " You are sweet but very stubborn" my close friend told me ten years back. I was not ready to accept the fact that i was stubborn. Over the years many other people pointed that out to me. They told me "Vish, you say the right things but you hurt people. You have to change your attitude.