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Six Weeks to Sustained Self-Promotion

Six Weeks to Sustained Self-Promotion Writers write. Want more money? Then memorize this phrase: "Writers promote." Think you don't have time to organize a marketing plan for yourself, your books, your website? Try this six-week plan to a sustained program of self-promotion and you, too, will find new friends who will help you, editors who approach you, and readers who will follow you throughout your writing career. Week One: Focus on online message boards and lists. Yahoo, MSN, Topica and Smartgroups all have online discussion lists that you can search by topic.

How To Start A Mail Order Business

How To Start A Mail Order Business The Mail Order business is not a business of itself, but is another way of doing business. Mail Order is nothing more nor less than selling a product or service via advertising and the offers you send out by mail. Therefore, to start and succeed in a mail order business of your own, you need just as much, and in some cases, more business acumen than you would need in any other mode of business. Remember too, there are good guys in mail order, and there are bad guys, just like in any other business. So, your best bet for a proper start with the greatest chance for success is after a thorough investigation of the products being offered and being sold; an analysis of the costs involved to get a fledgling mail order operation off the ground; and a good sixth sense of what your potential customers will buy.

Advice From Successful Freelancers

Advice From Successful Freelancers For the e-book, Advice from Successful Freelancers: How They Built Their Careers & How You Can Too!, I asked ten questions of freelancers who were living their dream life. Following are some of their answers. They cover successful marketing techniques, how to get clients and more! 1. Why did you start freelancing? Yuwanda Black, Writer, Editor, Small Business Columnist My sister and I worked at the same company. We were freelancing on the side.

Dreaming Of Playing Blues Guitar Chords Like A Pro?

Dreaming Of Playing Blues Guitar Chords Like A Pro? You know what they say: ”If you’ve got the blues, you’ve got the juice.” Indeed, blues guitar music is the Mecca of all guitar music. After all, you can’t get any better than that head bobbing and feet tapping rhythm that courses through your very soul like a fine wine or a hot cup of coffee. Blues guitar chords and guitar lessons, anyone? There are several reliable blues guitar chords and guitar lessons online and offline. These are all managed by experienced and schooled guitarists.

Postcard Marketing Your Small Business

Postcard Marketing Your Small Business One of the best marketing strategies a business or organization can use is postcards. Even before the arrival of online postcard printing and mailing services, postcards had a good reputation amongst guerilla marketers because: They are fast, easy and relatively cheap - making them a boon to small business owners who are short on cash and time, yet need to build their brand and stay in front of their customers. A beautiful, full color glossy postcard is not going in the trash without first being read. You can add a personal note. Plus, postcards create a pleasant emotional response because they are usually received by friends and family.

Internet Marketing and the Psychology of Color

Internet Marketing and the Psychology of Color I briefly touched on this subject in a previous e-book titled "The Forgotten Fundamentals of SEO" and I have been asked by a few people to expand and explain more about the psychology of color and how it affects what you should be for your website from a marketing perspective. The internet is the ultimate visual and psychological medium. It provides businesses with an unparalleled avenue to reach potential customers. In this visually engrossing world it is the copy, or words, on your website that have the greatest psychological impact on visitors and given this they become your most important communication and sales tool. Another important psychological aspect of your website is the often over looked and definitely misunderstood marketing strategy of colors.