How To Start Writing A Book About Starting A Business

How To Start Writing A Book About Starting A Business

Across the country, many people will attempt to start their own businesses. Some of these will be brick and mortar companies while others will be e-businesses. These aspiring business owners often need guidance on what steps it will take to start a business. If you are looking to write a book about starting a business, you can earn a lucrative income selling your knowledge.

Decide on the Format of Your Book, the largest bookstore of its kind, has reported that its e-book sales have exceeded those of physical books. Readers enjoy reading their books from their handheld devices and smartphones. Sales of Amazon’s e-reader, the Kindle, have soared. While there is still a market for physical books, publishing an e-book is a simple way to get your content in the hands of your reader quickly. Decide on the format of your book before you get started. The format will make all of the difference in the materials you present and the writing style you choose.

Create a Rough Outline

Starting a business is a broad topic. Choose a niche that will attract a specific group of readers. By narrowing your topic, you have a better chance of selling your book. Writing a book about how to start a swimming pool cleaning business will actually generate more sales due to its limited availability. Create a rough outline of the information you want to include in your book.

Key Elements to Include

While you have creative license to decide what to add in your book, there are several topics that every book about starting a business should include. First, discuss the legal aspects of starting a business. There are different structures for all businesses, from the sole proprietorship to the corporation, so make sure to include a section on selecting a structure.

Next, include a section on startup costs. Every business will incur some costs just to get off the ground. This is important for your reader to know. Many people dive headfirst into businesses not fully understanding how much it will take to actually start and run them. Your readers will want to know exactly how much they will need to get started in their small business venture.

Finally, include case studies about other businesses. These can include opportunities to demonstrate what works and what doesn’t when starting a new company. Case studies give your reader concrete examples of what they can expect when building up their small business concept.

Publishing and Marketing Your Book

Writing a book about starting a small business is a business unto itself. You will have to pitch your idea to publishers if you want traditional publishing. If you want to go the self-published route, you will be responsible for all of the marketing and promotion of your book. There are many sites that offer packages that will do all of the marketing and promotion for you. These companies have connections to the major publishers for both traditional and e-books. Although this is more costly that doing it yourself, it is also more effective.

Writing a book about opening a business is a great way to break into your own writing business. By providing hopeful business owners with the tools they need to get started, you will enjoy a lucrative income that pays you for your knowledge.

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