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Book Review: Santiago Contreras Novel

Book Review: Santiago Contreras Novel Santiago Contreras' New Management is a science fiction thriller that builds upon thematic elements of alien progenitors, dangerous trans human experimentation, multiple dimensions, and the anti-New World Order. New Management is certainly a worthwhile read for all Sci-Fi fans, space/alien aficionados, and anyone who wants to be spellbound by the sheer force of this novel.

One aspect of the content that resonates strongly is the gradual build-up, or disquieting progression of the book. There is a distinctly dark undertone at the beginning that grows and grows, imbued with ignorance and arrogance that culminate in demonic possession. A fascinating aspect of New Management is the creativity with the character nomenclature each character one with whom the reader can identify.

At The Turn Of The Page: Book Marketing In The Years Of Social Media

At The Turn Of The Page: Book Marketing In The Years Of Social Media Many new writers have the greatest stories written in their minds. All they have to do is sit down in front of the computer and start firing away on the computer keyboard. But generally, their time, productiveness and push to produce something gets exhausted by spending countless hours on Facebook as well as some other flimsy reason. Often, the full venture bogs down before it is even started for the reason that writers get caught up with particulars like book marketing when all they have to carry out is simply start writing.

Regardless of the proliferation of information obtainable over the web, books will always have a very special place in society and also history, specifically in relation to dependable details.